Advice on dell server rack

Hey all! Just looking for a little advice on which rack server I should buy. Here are my initial requirements:

  • Compatible with Ubuntu 16.04
  • 1U
  • 32GB, maybe 64GB
  • 1TB SSD
  • RAID 1
  • Performant hard drive i/o, upwards of 40GB/s
  • At least 10 cores

I was looking at the r430 but looks like that's no longer available. Anyone out there have advice on which dell rack server meets these requirements. 

Thank you very much!

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Re: Advice on dell server rack


The R440 is certified for 16.04 as well. There is a link to the Canonical certification site in the Ubuntu support matrix for 12g and 13g systems.

If we no longer have the R430 for sale on our main site then you can check our outlet to see if we have one there.

The only requirement that I see having an issue is the drive I/O. 40GB/s seems a bit out of place to the other specifications. I'm not sure if our servers with NVMe can do that, but you will likely be looking at NVMe to get that kind of throughput.


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Re: Advice on dell server rack

None of the single socket servers with intel cpu comes as a 10 core version. So you have to start with 4x0 an up. Also the 440 is not part of the wave 1 so there is Cascade lake yet (comes later this year). Regards Joerg
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Re: Advice on dell server rack

Thank you both for the advice. I think R440 will be sufficient for our needs. When you say "440 is not part of the wave 1 so there is Cascade lake yet", what does that mean? Sorry I'm not familiar with "wave 1" or "cascade lake" terminology. 

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Re: Advice on dell server rack

Also curious if you all have thoughts on software vs hardware RAID. We want to do RAID 1 for this machine, but I haven't considered the software vs hardware RAID question before. Do you have any advice on when to use one verses the other?

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Re: Advice on dell server rack

Hardware RAID. If performance is even remotely important, it should be hardware RAID. Hardware RAID also gives you additional options for recovery and troubleshooting and is more reliable. The H7xx controllers are also far superior to the H3xx controllers.

The only "software" RAID you should ever even consider is Windows-managed mirroring (Disk Management). The software RAID offerings for Dell servers should not be used for anything.