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C6320 NIC not showing in OS

HI there, 
We have been struggling for a while. But we are unable to see the integrated NIC's of the C6320 servers in the OS.
What we have checked:
- Interface shows up in iDRAC under Network devices
- Cisco/Intel/Dell SFP+'s (all work when we assign the iDRAC to them)
- The switch shows the link as UP and 10GBIT
- iDRAC and Lifecycle controller show link up
- 'racadm get NIC' yields no results
- System inventory shows 'Embedded NIC 1 Port 1 Partition 1' with NicMode=Disabled. 

What we have tried:
- Update BIOS, Lifecycle, OS tools, etc to the latest version and even older versions just to try
- Reset all ('retire/repurpose')
- Install Ubuntu 18, 20, 22. Cent/Rocky, ESXi. 
- Nor LSHW/LSPCI have any references to any NIC's
- We have tried toggling it in the BIOS and rebooting with powercycle (pull plug) 

Would anyone have any clue what we can try to use this NIC?

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Hi there,

I have tried all steps on multiple nodes. Sadly all nodes yield the same result. Do you mean that we should swap 'blades' into different slots?




I think he was referring to the slot the NIC is installed, but that wouldn't help, in my opinion. From what you have stated and shared the hardware is functioning as intended, as there is no error or indication from the hardware of an issue. So the issue to me is OS related, and being that the OS isn't a supported version, we are also limited there as well. What I would suggest is trying different drivers and if needed you may need to call in for OS support. 


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We have tried multiple slots. They all have the same issue sadly.


Thank you for your and your colleagues replies. We have tried supported versions RHEL and SLES without success. The embedded card is a X520, to verify that this was not a driver problem we have purchased off the shelve Intel X520's and plugged them into the PCI-e slot. They worked on the first attempt, concluding that either the integrated X520 is unable to work with regular X520 drivers (ixgbe), or that the integrated X520 is indeed not properly presented to the OS. Both would by unfortunate, regardless we will just stick in more X520's for now. 

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