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Dell NVMe adapters for servers

We are currently seeing Dell lagging behind in server technologies regarding storage compatibility.

Other manufacturers have add-on cards to allow NVME M2 drives directly on the motherboard.

Can anyone recommend any add-on-card for Dell Servers for NVME?

All 15th support bifurcation I think so.



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Hello mriosfer,


The only M.2 adapter for server we have is the BOSS card.

Maybe other forum member have used a M.2 PCIe adapter and can share their results.


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PowerEdge 15th Generation of servers support NVME HHHL cards. If you have the server model I can check whether HHHL cards are supported on that server model?

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I asked several times to our partners tell the DPN of the kits for allow our R740 , U2 NMVE ...

Never got answer... anyone know the DPN of the NVME expansors for allow R740 ?

As far as we know we need a Dell PCIE NVME expansor, a cable for connecto to the backplane or something like that.




PowerEdge R740 server does not support NVMe drives on the backplane. You can refer below link for details.


PowerEdge R740xd certain 24 drive backplane support NVMe drives.

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Well.. with the refresh last year you can have up to 24 NVMe drives in the standard U.2 format which supports HotAdd as well. The NVME HHHL flash cards like the Intel DC 3xxx are there for ages and works very well in your PowerEdge.

Note: The BOSS-S1,S2 are not NVME... they use the M.2 format for sure but "B-Key" and not M-Key in think.


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