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Dell R730xd force BIOS Update from OEM-R Version

Dear All,

i have a Dell R730xd with OEM-R BIOS that cause some issue with ESXI 6.5 CIM Sensor status reading (management board not show information, temperature not show, etc.).

ESXI works corretly but i can't configure Dell OMIVV because not recognize host due to lack of management board information.

After a one day search on google i installed the Dell OEMR PowerEdge R730 ID Module but i can't use the /forctype option on BIOS because the MSDOS unpacked file is not present on DELL repository.

How i can force the DELL Branded BIOS?

Thanks, Bruno.

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Can you Private message me the service tag so we can get some additional device information?


You could try extracting the files out of the exe for the windows update, however we have not validated changing from oem to non oem.  


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private message sent, thank you so much.



Did you manage to find the non-packaged BIOS version?


is this still an option on the 13g servers? How can it be done?



I believe the easiest way to flash the BIOS would be to grab the revision that you want to be running, the version from the standard R730xd page, and load the .exe into iDRAC web GUI for updates. Once the system reboots, it should come up on the BIOS revision you loaded into the iDRAC.


ive tried this and it fails with Message: RED007: Unable to verify Update Package signature.


You need to update from oldest version to newest version one at a time don't skip from really old to new.

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