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Dell r210 noise

Hi, Personally I think that these Dell r210 are very noisy. These fans don't need to spin that fast especially when you're not doing anything that require a lot of processor power. Is there is any other way to deal with this issue than replacing fans? Thanks for help. Sorry for my English Smiley Happy
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Re: Dell r210 noise


The iDRAC controls fans. Changing the iDRAC firmware may change thermal profiles. The iDRAC will adjust the minimum fan speeds based on installed hardware. It will increase fan speeds as needed based on thermal probes. If unsupported hardware is installed in the server then the iDRAC will not have a power profile for the hardware. It will assume the hardware is high thermal output and increase minimum fan response.

We added an option to disable third party fan response in later generation iDRACs. I don't think that option exists with the iDRAC6. You can check the iDRAC CLI guide to see if the command exists for the iDRAC6. It should be something like 3rd party fan response.



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