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FX2 Chassis fans on high speed

Came in today and one of our Dell FX2 chassis fans sound like they are on the highest speed.  I was in about 7:45 AM and now even at 12:50 PM the fans are still running full speed.

They used to periodically and randomly ramp up and then back down, but now they are staying 100%.  Room temps are good, and there are no alerts or alarms on the chassis management controller.  CPU and Memory usage on the 4 FC640 blades are well within normal operating parameters that we expect to see.  There is no spike in temperature or load.  

How can we get the fan speed back to normal?  Can the CMC be reset without impacting the blades currently running production workloads?  Would that help?  Should upgrading the CMC firmware be done, and if so is that non-disruptive?  Thanks!

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Re: FX2 Chassis fans on high speed


Fan speed response can be changed with CMC firmware updates. The nodes should continue to function during a CMC update, but performance may be affected. When the CMC is updating/offline the chassis and nodes should go into a power and thermal protective state. This will cause fans to run at maximum RPM and nodes to conserve power usage. This power conservation on the nodes may affect performance. You cannot power on a node without a functional CMC on all chassis I'm aware of, I think it is the same on the FX2.

The CMC works with the iDRAC on the node to determine fan response. I would also update the iDRACs.



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