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How to correctly install MacOS on ESXi 6.7 or 6.5 Server Hypervisors

Our company has a VMware ESXi 6.7 & 6.5 servers that run mostly Windows and Linux servers. We need to host Mac OS servers such as (MacOS 3.13 High Sierra) or (MacOS 3.14 Mojave).

Apparently it does not install as it keep looping back to the the black and white Apple logo screen: https://www.sysnettechsolutions.com/en/vmware/install-macos-high-sierra-vmware-esxi/

After some reading no the web that before installing MacOS with VMware ESXi, we need to prepare the virtual machine for MacOS. We should use the VMware Unlocker "VMwareUnlocker2.1.1forESXi6.7" to run MacOS systems on ESXi.

So I need to know if you have done this or if there is another better or correct way to install MacOS Virtual Server on ESXi 6.5 or 6.7 Host Servers?

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Re: How to correctly install MacOS on ESXi 6.7 or 6.5 Server Hypervisors

@michealsean  Yes, I've did this successfully last Week. Patching the ESX and installing OS X as any other OS - excpet Catalina - you need to switch between MacOS and Windows 10 in the Guest settings on ESXi. Once it's installed, it work like a charn.

Don't foreget to run ESXi on Apple Hardware to not break Apple's Licence Agreement - You wrote you do this vor a Enterprise, so beware of it.

Don't use Thunderbolt 3 Hardware on Apple Device you running ESXi - it's not supported (and really not working) currently.

I work as a System Administrator/Solution Architect mainly with a Mac, privately to (as you can see in the applied Screenshot) - The OS X Guests in the Screenshot running on my private Development ESXi Cluster based on 2 HP Z420 Workstation with nvme SSD over PCIe4x - during they are used and currently really cheap for the Power they provide - sorry Dell, but hey everything else in my Company is from Dell - I swear! 🙂


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