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Please fix the fan speed issue introduced in life cycle and/or the UEFI0315 hit <F1> error if it is rolled back to a version prior that doesn't have that speed issue. The 100% increase in noise is driving my client nuts.  If I rollback the version the fan speed and noise goes back to normal but the servers get the hit <F1> UEFI0315 error,. Rolling the bios back from 2.81 doesn't change anything either, Bank of R330 servers.

They are aware of Dell's stated position in other threads on the issue about Dell compliant but non-certified drives, but they consider the near doubling of fan speeds and subsequent near 100% noise increase to be harassment for not buying two drives from Dell, and a violation of good-faith, consumer protection, and Anti-Trust laws. It affects the younger staff with better hearing the most. Honda/Toyota etc can't tell a car owner that unless they use Honda/Toyota certified car washes and waxes, etc., that the paint warranty is no good, and that car horn will honk until the customer agrees to buy a case of car wash from the local dealer. Please fix the fan speed issue that introduced, or let us roll the version back without creating the UEFI0315 error on boot. Bank of R330 with PERC S130 2.81 bios, life controller. 2 Samsung drives show as Dell compliant "yes,"  but Dell certified  "no." 


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Does this update require rebooting the host?


Hello JeffW86,


Typically an iDRAC firmware update does not require a host reboot. Looking over the release notes on this update indicate you should get a maintenance window to reboot when you can:


When you reset or update the iDRAC, you must reboot LC if it is launched already. If you fail to reboot, LC may behave unexpectedly.

Page 9 item 17.

Release notes  https://topics-cdn.dell.com/pdf/idrac_2-75_rn_en-us.pdf


Please let me know if this helps

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