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IDrac certificate of authority is not trusted

Hey all,

I have a R610 box thats been running for awile and all a sudden now the Idrac is inaccessble via java.

It reports the certificate of authority is not trusted when launching the vConsole. but SSL wise nothing has change.

So imconfused why its stopped working? 

Any ideas with this?





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The iDRAC uses a self-signed certificate by default. If your Java or Browser has been updated then security features may block it from loading. Make sure the iDRAC firmware is up to date. You may need to disable or bypass security features in the browser/applet or use an older version for that iDRAC. If it is a Java security issue then you can set the mode to native and use Internet Explorer, that should use ActiveX instead of Java.



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I'm running into a similar issue when attempting to launch a virtual console (HTML5).  A popup comes up that usually shows an option to quit or go to the page, but it's blank.  Note: From the same browser, I can successfully access remote consoles in a different datacenter.  If i close the popup window, I can see there's a certificate error in the parent window.  The error is "The CA Root Certificate is not trusted because it is not in the Trusted Root Certification Authorities store.  When I check the certificate in the MMC, it shows up in the Trusted Root Certification Authorities store.


Can you share the server model and current iDRAC FW version? Did you have default self signed certificate or a custom CA signed certificate on iDRAC?

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Hi, R610 is an old model so security wise it could be not quite up to part. You might rather want to use an old browser and see if it's working? (e.g internet explorer?) 

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