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Installing window10 pro for workstations on a Poweredge R740

Hi all,


Not an expert here. We are trying to install Window 10 pro for workstations on a server that we inherited. Currently it has linux which we cant even access because the server was managed by an IT department. I followed the instructions I found on Dell on how to deploy an OS on a system with EMC DELL.  Under available OS systems I chose "Any Other" from the drop down menu since windows 10 pro workstation was not on the list. System restarted then tried to run from the DVD but it failed. I got the fail message again after retrying.

My question, in principle, I should be able to install windows 10 pro for workstations on the server. Right?

If so, what should I do to figure out whats wrong? already checked the DVD and it works. If not, is there a work around?



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You can't use the installation utilities to install Windows 10. Windows 10 is not supported on servers, so it is up to you to try, figure out, and support. You will need to install Windows manually - boot to the installation DVD / USB, installing drivers, etc.


As @theflash1932 mentioned Windows 10 is not a supported operating system for R740. You can refer below link to get a list of supported operating system for various PowerEdge servers.


DELL-Shine K


Thanks for both of you for coming back to me. In short, we would like to turn this server into a powerful station for the use of few ppl. From your reploes i understand that i should be able to install windows 10 pro workstation deapite not being optimal.


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