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New 3930 won't wake with mouse

I'm at a complete loss - my new 3930 rack workstation won't wake unless I do a short press of the power button.

If it helps, I'm using a Dell wireless keyboard and mouse (though same issue with generic keyboard and mouse.

Have been all over the internet looking for solutions and have probably missed what I need to do. 

The closest I can come is that when I look at Device Manager > Human Interface Device > USB Input Device > Properties > Power Management the box that says "Allow this device to wake the computer" is greyed out.

If I look in Device Manager > Keyboards/Mice and other pointing devices I only have "HID-compliant ..." and no power management option.

Under Power Options:

  • both power and sleep button are set to "sleep"
  • fast startup, sleep, and lock are all selected
  • the default "Dell" power plan.  Under advanced power setting > sleep > allow wake timers is enabled.  Have tried "important wake timers only" without any luck.

I've updated everything with the Dell app, and had a look through the BIOS but everything seems as I would expect.

If it matters, I'm in a domain, logged in as a domain admin, but I've also tried everything  above with the straight user and it's the same.


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You have found Hibernation. That automatically kicks in after Sleep. That requires a brief press of the power button to wake it. It looks like it is rebooting but it wakes quicker and all open windows will reappear. See this Shut down, sleep, or hibernate your PC (microsoft.com)

 Change the timing or disable Hibernation and Hybrid Sleep in Power Options, Additional Settings

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