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PowerEdge R220 BIOS Update


I need help to update my bios version currently my R220 has 1.4.0

I have tried from Lifecycle Controller but without success as the server ftp.dell.com is not available, and I can't access it from http as I don't have that option.

I also tried to get an update boot disk but I have to use a DRM application if I don't mind, to get an ISO, right now I don't have any OS on my R220 to be able to run that application.

I have downloaded the bios R220-011100.exe to try to update it from a USB memory but without success since when entering Boot Manager 1.0 in System utilities, I do not have the option to update the bios from a USB memory.

How can I proceed?


Thanks guys.

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If you have supported iDRAC FW you can update BIOS using iDRAC. You can check below link for details


You can also have a bootable USB key with "R220-011100.exe" image. Boot to USB key and perform the update by running the executable

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If you want to update BIOS, please ensure that the BIOS version is compatible with your PC as well as backup BIOS before the update. 

For more information, read this blog: https://wethegeek.com/best-bios-update-software-for-windows-10-8-7/

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