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PowerEdge R710 - Raid configuration missing

After restarting my PowerEdge R710 I got a message saying:

The following VDs are missing: 01

If you proceed (or load the configuration utility), these VDs will be removed from your configuration.  If you wish to use them at a later time, they will have to be imported.  If you believe these VDs should be present, please power off your system and check your cables to ensure all disks are present.

I noticed that Disk 3 was blinking amber and the display on the server said there was a drive error on Disk 3. I went ahead and booted the server to Windows then turned it off. I then pulled Disk 3 and replaced the drive. 

When I booted the server back up I went into the Raid Config Manager but my VD was missing. (Previously Disk 2 and 3 were setup as a VD with Raid 1). If I go to the PD management page it list both Disk 2 and 3 with a status of ready

I'm not sure how to import my VD configuration, when I select Controller 1 I only have the option to create a new VD or clear all existing ones. (The server is using Perc 6/i)


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Re: PowerEdge R710 - Raid configuration missing


First let me verify that you have a backup of the data, as our next steps can cause data loss. If you do have a backup what we need to do is retag the Virtual Disk, which is recreating the VD, but without initializing it as that will delete the data. What you will need to do is F2 from the main menu, then select Create VD, configure it as a 2 drive raid 1, as it was. Do NOT initialize the drive, once configured you will remove drive #3 (the one that was flashing amber) and then boot up. If all the data is accessible then go ahead and insert drive # 3 and it should rebuild to the Virtual Disk. There are 2 things you need to avoid doing; 1st is do not initialize the VD and 2nd is do not boot to the VD with drive #3 still in, as it can corrupt the data if it had indeed failed. It will have to be rebuilt after verifying data. 

Let me know if this helps.

Chris Hawk

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