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R740 Network Issues

We recently purchased seven R740 servers with Broadcom Netxtreme network cards after our last edge server lease ended. They are all running Server 2019. We are having a somewhat bizarre issue on every single one of these servers so I am thinking it is hardware related. 

Occasionally, all network traffic seems to stop and then will randomly start again. However, pings never stop and there are no errors in any logs. Network usage remains <0%. We started noticing the issue when RDP would stop responding and thought it was related to a known Microsoft bug but that issue has been patched and the issue remains. We also noticed that we sometimes cannot get a shared drive for about 30 secs. On the actual machine itself updates will stall out intermittently. DNS/DHCP both seem to be fine.

The issues is happening on all 7 physical servers in 5 locations. All of our virtual servers and other hardware are not seeing any issues. Has anyone else seen something like this? I have been beating my head against the wall for a week with no luck.

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Can you share the controller card details? Is latest FW and Driver installed for the network controller? You can update BIOS and iDRAC also latest and check the behavior.

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Bios: 2.11.2

Network Card: Broadcom 5720 Quad Port 1 GB

Network Firmware: 21.80.9

Network Driver: 21.80.3/ is installed but for some reason windows is only showing

Controller Card: PERC H740P 51.13.2-3714

We don't really use iDrac past the initial updates, we generally update through SUU, but here are those details:

iDrac firmware:, service module: 3.5.1



I have a R740 with an intermittent VM network port,  ESXi 7.0.1.

Replaced the network cable, and later switched to a different port on the network switch. But the issue persists.

No alarms present.

Any suggestions to debug further.

Thanks in advance.



Hello djr,


Intermittent is a hard one to diagnose.  To start with the hardware, I would first recommend to make sure you are updated on firmware and also run the built in hardware  diagnostics.


How to Run Hardware Diagnostics

PowerEdge Servers 12G and later




How to update the firmware via HTTPS


How to update firmware individually




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Our issues ended up being related to not having Microsoft Edge installed on the servers.  There was something in the Windows update that was breaking the NIC every time it they tried to run.  As soon as I reinstalled Edge the problem went away.

We can all agree that we shouldn't need Microsoft's browser for a server NIC to function properly, but that was the cause for us.

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