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TPM module for Poweredge R440

Hello!  The company I work for (MSP) is trying to install a TPM module to a Poweredge R440 so we can get BitLocker to encrypt their server.  This is in an effort to make them more compliant.  I'm looking around the Inter-webs and found part number Dell 1MW70 seems to be listed as compatible in 3rd party websites, but I'm having a hard time finding this as available on a Dell site.  Does anyone have any idea if this is compatible?  I know a TPM module can be installed as there is a port for it on the motherboard.  I just don't want to order one off of a 3rd party site, as I don't know if its been used or not.

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Hello llaodom,


You have the right part number there. The Dell 1MW70 is valid for R440.


ASSY Daughterboard, Card Security TRPM 2.0, 14G

I hope this helps.


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