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r420 server hard drive replacement


we have a few r420 servers which are out of warranty. These are using 600 gb 15k rpm drives, part no.9fn066-150 in raid 1 configuration

We are located in India. I was looking to use seagate drives directly. My supplier says that they import the hard drives from UK

Question is whether we can use seagate drives directly without having to purchase from dell

Also i noted that the part number that my supplier gave me matched upto 9fn066, however instead of 150 it is something else. Will that matter.

Request your kind advice in this matter.

thanks for your advice.



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Re: r420 server hard drive replacement

Hi Rajesh,

The drives you are looking at using are non Dell certified drives and not guaranteed to work in that server. That being said, non Dell certified drives will usually work. Since they are not using Dell firmware, you will probably run into issues with the drives not reporting properly. The controller may make a request of the drive that the drive doesn't understand, can't respond to, or does not respond to in an appropriate amount of time. Be sure that the drives are rated as Enterprise-class.

Please send a private message with your service tag to ensure we have all appropriate information on your system.

Thank you,

Jim Plumlee
Dell EMC, Enterprise Engineer

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