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swc0700 idrac is not ready. the configuration values cannot

i have R420 and my problem is that fan is full speed and idrac initializing not responding and auto reboot. the problem is start from i upgrade my bios etc and during installation upgrade is stuck (hang), after that this problem accure. i already try nvram reset, telnet using serial (which appear is the same windows with the monitor), using download iso from dell (and hang during collecting system inventory or something like that), download all tools that i can find on dell.com. any idea what should i do anymore ? sorry with my bad english. thank you albert dalton

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I also have a R720 with an failed iDRAC 7 firmware update. Currently the system is still running (Windows Server), but the iDRAC is no longer responding (Web UI not accessible, no ping/link on iDRAC ethernet port).

Since this is a productive system, I'm afraid the server won't boot back into Windows again, once I shutdown/restart to see, if I can reset/re-flash iDRAC in BIOS.

Can you guys confirm, that I will at least be able to boot back into Windows, even if the fans are at 100%? Or will I end up having a completely bricked server after I shutdown/restart?

Thanks in advance.


Hello madeyem,

Your question is similar to when we are driving, an alarm appears on the dashboard of the car, and you wonder if the car will be able to reach its destination.

I cannot confirm that you can boot in Windows again because it depends on what happened while firmware updating.

What I can tell you that iDRAC is isolated from the rest of the system, so I'm pretty confident that the server will boot again. The only way to discover it is to try, unfortunately.


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