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Deploying RP4VM on VxRail Network question

I'm deploying RP4VM on a 3-Node VxRail Cluster.  I have several networks setup, but would like to seek some advice when it comes to the "data" network.

On my VxRail Cluster, I have the following networks:

  • VxRail-ServerNetwork (VxRail Manager, vCenter Server, vCenter PSC, SRS Server)
    • Note: My Data Domain Appliance is on this VLAN/Network)
  • VxRail-vSphere-vMotion (for vMotion)
  • VxRail-vSphere-vSAN (for vSAN)
  • CompanyServers (Production VM Servers [i.e. File Servers, Mail Servers, Application Servers, etc.)

I deployed two vRPAs with default configurations.  Each has one network adapter assigned to them; assigned to the VxRail-ServerNetwork.  I want to deploy the vRPA with the WAN+LAN on the VxRail-Server Network; but I'm not sure which network the "data" should go on.  I'm leaning towards placing it on the CompanyServers; but looking for advice.  I really don't want to carve out another network/vlan/switch just for two IPs.  Thoughts?

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Re: Deploying RP4VM on VxRail Network question

Hello jasonaleski

Here is the link to the deployment guide and if you look on page 59 it explains how best to install in VxRail environments.


Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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Re: Deploying RP4VM on VxRail Network question

Certainly refer to the Installation and Deployment Guide but a separate port group would be ideal, to reduce noise from the main VM network and also to prevent vMotion traffic from interfering with RPVM Data comm.


Hope that helps,


Idan Kentor
Product Engineer - RecoverPoint and RecoverPoint for VMs
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