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RM, RecoverPoint and VMware - Replication

We just recently setup a VNX 5500 and VNX 5300 for replication.  The ESX servers are setup in a consistency group on the RecoverPoints.  We are also using RM to take local SNAP (nightly) of the ESX Datastores.  Whenever we take a SNAP we notice that the RPAs see those changes (.vmsn files, .vmdk, etc)  and wants to replicate that.  Well this destroys the journal basically making it worthless because of how much change is being sent across. 

The only way I know of getting around this is by changing the location of the Swapfile and change the working directory of each machine. 

Is there anyone else who is doing something similar?  Are there any suggestions of the best way of doing this?

Thanks in advanced!

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