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RP implementation with Unity and VMAX250F


I am implementing a new VMAX 250F and Unity XT storage to the existing RP/CL CRR setup.  I would like to know for Unity Journal LUNs what is the best practices we should follow.  Should I disable thin, data reduction feature for Journal LUNs?

For VMAX 250F, I read the technical document, it seem like we only need to create one port group for RP replication since this is snapshot based replication.   In the VMAX10K, I usually use the same port group as the host to mask the storage group to RPA for replication and use another port group for Journal entries.

I was wondering whether one port group is enough for VMAX250F case.   Please let me know whether my understanding is correct for VMAX250 RP replication.

1. A snapshot will be created for the Storage group to be replicated

2. The snapshot is using the RP port group to replicate to the remote storage.

My customer always  provision from two arrays - VMAX and Unity.  May I know whether parallel bookmarking are supported in this case?

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Re: RP implementation with Unity and VMAX250F

Hello Wanaka,

Here is the link to Dell EMC RecoverPoint Installation and Deployment Guide & if you look at chapter 8 it explains about Modifying cluster settings.


Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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