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RP4VMs on VSAN Stretched cluster


Do you know if vSAN with stretched cluster configuration is tested?

If I understand correctly data traffic is moving through VMkernel ports and we keep Journal only on a single site, all data will go to the site where Journal is for local protection. And from this Journal, data will be replicated to DR site. Will it work out of the box?

I check with Dell Engineer in my region he thinks this is okay and will work out of the box but I don't get any reference architecture for vSAN in the stretched cluster configuration.

Can some one assist here?


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Re: RP4VMs on VSAN Stretched cluster

Hi there, RP4VMs fully supports stretched clusters. As a matter of fact, RP4VMs 5.2.1 supports up to 5ms RTT b/w the stretched sites. The RPVM cluster would need to be shared whereas vRPA1 and vRPA2 are on different sites, the journal and repository datatores should be distributed/shared. I'm currently working on a reference architecture / WP on the topic of stretched clusters and RPVM, it should hopefully be available next month. Hope that helps, Idan
Idan Kentor
Product Engineer - RecoverPoint and RecoverPoint for VMs
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