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RPA mixed Gen or dedicated cluster


Currently I have RPA Gen4 setup replicating between site 1 to site 2.  The licensing model is EX and involved VMAXe and VNX.  We have bought another pair of Gen 5 per site.   The current Gen4 is running 3.5.1 which is also supported for Gen5.  The direction of the replication is from site 1 to site 2

There are two choices here for deployment:

Add the new Gen5 to existing Gen4 cluster.

Create a separate cluster using the Gen5 RPA

I know we are allowed to mix both Gen4 and Gen5 within a cluster.   For some reason I was thought that we might be better off by creating a separate cluster just for Gen5.  As far as the FAQ go it seem like one array can be accessed by more than 1 cluster.  I will presume I can have either cluster to access the VMAXe and VNX array for replication if we choose to create separate cluster for the Gen5.

The purpose of the Gen5 is basically to replicate some server from site 2 back to site 1.  I was wondering whether create a separate cluster will be a good choice here.

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Re: RPA mixed Gen or dedicated cluster

I would keep it as one cluster. For one its a single GUI to manage as opposed to two. Having more RPAs will help if you have to do a distributed CG and for failovers.

While the VNX can be a frame license, the VMAXe cannot. So I think you would have to split the EX license between the two clusters for the VMAXe.

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