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RecoverPoint CDP for Backup


Can you please let me know if the following scenario can be achieved?

I have an AIX server with a JBASE database connected to VNX which is connected to RecoverPoint/SE.

I want to create a CDP replica of the JBASE database (LUN) after a certain process runs, present it to a Backup Server and take a backup from that replica volume.

Can you please explain to me in a bit of details how that can happen? I am interested mainly in WHEN i will present the replica volume to the backup server, what the replica volume state should be...etc.



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Re: RecoverPoint CDP for Backup

Hi JS,

As this is a requirement as part of a backup regime or process I would recommend that you complete the following steps:

1.     Quiesce the database.

2.     Use the bookmark_image CLI command for the CG in order to create an application-consistent snapshot.

3.     Use image access to present the bookmarked image.

4.     Snap or clone the replica volumes whilist in image access mode.

5.     Disable image access mode once snap or clone is sync is complete.

6.     Perform the backup against the snap or clone of the replica volumes.



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Re: RecoverPoint CDP for Backup

Hi Richard,

Thanks for your response. This was very helpful.

Is there a document that you can reference that gives more details on this process?

I tried to search on Google, but unfortunately i couldnt find any.

Thanks in advance.


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