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Recoverpoint Migration

Hello Experts,

I have a customer where we are migrating their DR Array from CX4 to VNX5400. They have VNX5600 as their Production Array, the VNX5600 is replication to CX4. I add the VNX5400 to their DR site. So with RP/EX license I now have VNX5600 on Primary site and CX4, VNX5400 on their secondary site.

Primary Site

Primary          VNX5600     2 RPAs

Secondary Site

DR               CX4-120

                    VNX5400          2RPAs.

Now we have a CG which has VNX5600 as prod copy and second copy on the CX4-120. now in order to migrate I need to delete their existing CG and create a new CG with VNX5600 as a Prod copy and VNX5400 as the second copy, instead of doing this can I add another copy in that CG which goes to the new VNX5400 and once it syncs up with the VNX5400, I can then delete the CX4-120 copy.

Kindly share your thoughts


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