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Recoverpoint Questions

We are trying to come up with Solutions to migrate a existing VNX 5300 to CX 4 Recoverpoint Solution to a new VNX located at a new site, with minimum downtime, and re-use existing legacy VNX, as the new DR target. I wonder if someone could look at the following questions

1.     Can a Lun on a VNX be a Recoverpoint Source Volume for CRR, and also a Mirrorview Source volume, I read you couldn’t do this??

2.     Can a Recoverpoint CRR Source Volume have a one to many relationship , I have read this is available in Beta testing currently. What we want to do is replicate a Source lun to two VNX’s, one is its DR VNX and one is a new VNX we need to migrate to

3.     If we were to Seed a Target VNX from a Source locally with Recoverpoint and then ship this VNX to a remote site and re-sync up, I presume this would work, again we are looking for an option and way to migrate to a new VNX

Basically we  have an existing VNX replicating to its DR CX4, and we need to migrate to a new site with a new VNX and then move the OLD VNX to a new DR site and get this synced up

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Re: Recoverpoint Questions

Hi there,

Answers below:

1.     Yes, this is technically possible but is generally only supported via Request for Producct Qualification (RPQ) for migration purposes. Please refer to Table 32 in the VNX Open Systems Configuration Guide Rev A03.pdf on PowerLink.

2.     RecoverPoint currently provides a 1:2 copy capability. The next version will allow 1:4 copy capability.

3.     You could copy (seed) to the new VNX locally via CDP whilst simultaneously continuing to copy via CRR to the existing CX array. However, RP/EX license would be required to faciliate the additional VNX array and a full sweep would be required post setup of the new environment. This might not sound appealing but you will have to re-install RP/SE anyway due to the repository volume change with the new VNX and also to provide RecoverPoint UI access through Unisphere (you can convert from RP/SE -> RP/EX and convert back but when converting back the RecoverPoint UI access through Unisphere is not re-instated).



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