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Recoverpoint for vm: topologies and migration question

Hi, first of all, is it possible to replicate a vm to different sites like recoverpoint SE (CRR mode). I have asked this question because i have to do a migration and in wouldn't lost the replication during these period. Actually we have a VNX7600 replicated by recoverpoint SE to another VNX5300. Now in our production site (where there is the VNX7600) we have bought a VXRAIL and we are thinking about the migration from vnx7600 to vxrail without loss replication to the remote site (at the end of migration we will bring VNX7600 to the remote site and we will remove the VNX5300). So, if it's possible i would install recoverpoint for vm on vnx7600-->first copy on vxrail-->second copy on vnx5300...otherwise... is it possible install two different RP4VM cluster on the same vcenter (on different esxi hosts). Sorry for my english Smiley Happy
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Re: Recoverpoint for vm: topologies and migration question

Hi there, RecoverPoint and RecoverPoint for VMs are two separate products. Not sure I follow the exact use case but there's definitely a way to migrate from RP to RP4VMs, RP4VMs can use an existing replica VM from the former classic RP replica datastore for this specific pre-seeding use case. Hope that helps, Idan
Idan Kentor
Product Engineer - RecoverPoint and RecoverPoint for VMs
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