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TF Clones restore with RecoverPoint-CRR and VPLEX Local

Hi Folks,

I have a number of large RecoverPoint Consistency Groups, presented via VPLEX Local on VMAXv2 + RecoverPoint/SRM - CRR only.

LUNs are VPLEX 1-1 volumes.

Far side is the same scenario (VPLEX+VMAXv2)

As a secondary copy outside of CRR, I want to take TF Clones on the production VMAX.

I also want the ability to mount those TF Clones to a mount host (prod VMAX).

  - I don't expect anything I need to do for RecoverPoint or VPLEX when creating and accessing the TF Clones.

I do want the ability to restore the TF Clones to production.

What steps would I need to perform in order to do that restore?

My thoughts are;

- Pause RP replication

- Mask off in VPLEX to ESXi cluster

- Set volumes offline in VPLEX

- Perform TF Restore

- Online in VPLEX

- Force a integrity/full (or fast?) init in RecoverPoint

- Mask on in VPEX to ESXi cluster


Thanks, James

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Re: TF Clones restore with RecoverPoint-CRR and VPLEX Local

You will have to disable the RP CG which will force the sweep afterward and remove the RP-enabled on the VVs in the VPLEX CG (or remove from the VPLEX CG). Also ensure that VPLEX cache is invalidated (after the RP-enabled is removed, see link to WP, page 31) unless you’re including that when removing stating online/offline in VPLEX. https://support.emc.com/docu59631_VPLEX:-Leveraging-Array-Based-and-Native-Copy-Technologies-Third-Edition.pdf?language=en_US

I highly recommend testing the flow operationally and even submitting a RPQ. Alternatively, if using RP Local copy is an option, it would be simpler operationally.




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Re: TF Clones restore with RecoverPoint-CRR and VPLEX Local

Thank you Zahid!

Very helpful and understand.  when I remove the RP-enabled flag on the Virtual Volumes, and enable it later, do you know if this is a disruptive process to host I/O access?



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