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limited number of snapshots (1014)

Hi All,

based on this kb

There is a limited number of snapshots (1014) available for selection in the image list. (there is no way to modify the amount of snapshots RP will save or display in the get_images list.)

I'm trying to access a specific point in time when enabling image access, but I can't choose another point in time. how can  I do that if possible?

from cli I have same results (1014) snapshots.

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Hello novahertz,

Here are a link to a couple of KB’s that maybe of assistance.

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2 Jasper
2 Jasper

Hi Sam,

enable_image_access isn't available on RP4VM 5.3


I've tried as well to enable the image access (clicking "Test Snapshot") but no way.



get_images group=test copy=123 bookmark=test

I have the same snapshots (1014)

any other idea?


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Use REST to search for a specific PiT and/or the H5 plugin to search and/or zoom in around an image.

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