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rp4vm API Integration

Hi Team,

We are trying to use REST APIs to invoke failover functionality of RP4VM.

The online API documentation gives URL to be invoked, but does not provide any good information on the input to be passed to the REST API call.

Can we get more information on how to find more information on the input passed to the REST API calls.



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Re: rp4vm API Integration

Hi there,

We have the landing page on https://<vRPA_cluster_IP>/fapi/rest/5_2 and also the RESTAPI guide on support.emc.com. Feel free to email me if there are any specific questions.

Note that we'll be releasing RPVM 5.3 with a new modern RESTAPI which would co-exist with the current API. The new API would feature Swagger UI and also online documentation as part of developer.dellemc.com.


Hope that helps,



Idan Kentor
Product Engineer - RecoverPoint and RecoverPoint for VMs
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