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Deployment Manager 1.1 new Modification Feature for RP Version 3.5


Have two new VNX arrays that have shipped to same site for the purpose of allowing the Initial Sync of RecoverPoint/SE Consistency Groups to occur locally instead of over the WAN..   This will be a net new RP/SE setup.

Once the Initial Syncs are performed locally,  All CG's will be paused and the Target VNX array and Target RPA's will be relocated to the DR Site..

Once at the DR Site, the target RPA's will require full  IP address changes for the DR Subnet,Gateway, WAN and Site Mgmt..for each RPA.

I know that RP Version 3.5 is now available and new feature in DM is to allow modification of IP Address after already in production.

Question:  Once these IP address modifications are committed on the DR RPA cluster and CGs started up,  will an initial sync be required all over again? Or does this new 3.5 feature allow "seamless" IP modifications (including the WAN)  without having to perform a new initial sync all over again?


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