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Error 000167 and 000166 Replication Manager

Dear all,

  We have two hosts listed in the Replication Manager underneath ERM Server that we wish to remove.  These are old hosts that were used a long time ago.  I tried to delete these but had the error messsage:

000167 ERROR: The host  pegasus has mounted replicas and cannot be deleted.

000166 ERROR: The host triton has dependents (applications sets) and cannot be deleted.

I have looked in the Application Sets but could not see these listed as hosts in any application sets; Its possible that I am looking in the wrong place because I only started to use this tool today.

I looked at the discs on Pegasus, in case it relates to these, and it shows:

root@pegasus:~# syminq

Device                  Product                   Device
------------------------ --------------------------- ---------------------
Name              Type   Vendor    ID           Rev  Ser Num      Cap (KB)
------------------------ --------------------------- ---------------------
/dev/rdsk/c0t0d0         TEAC      DV-28E-N     E.6A N/A               N/A
/dev/rdsk/c2t0d0         HP 146 G  ST3146807LC  HPC3 3HY0GKZE    143374744
/dev/rdsk/c3t2d0         HP 146 G  ST3146707LC  HPC1 3KS2EX0P    143374744
/dev/rdsk/c4t0d0         EMC       SYMMETRIX    5671 8200002000      46080
/dev/rdsk/c4t0d5  BCV    EMC       SYMMETRIX    5671 8200412000   71454720
/dev/rdsk/c4t10d2 BCV    EMC       SYMMETRIX    5671 82005BE000   17863680
/dev/rdsk/c4t10d3 BCV    EMC       SYMMETRIX    5671 82005C0000   17863680
/dev/rdsk/c4t10d4 BCV    EMC       SYMMETRIX    5671 82005CA000   35727360
/dev/rdsk/c4t10d5 BCV    EMC       SYMMETRIX    5671 82005CE000   35727360
/dev/rdsk/c4t10d6 BCV    EMC       SYMMETRIX    5671 82005D2000   35727360

Would someone be able to shed some light?

Yours faithfully, S.

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Re: Error 000167 and 000166 Replication Manager

In Replication Manager look under the Application Sets container, this will list all the Application Sets defined within RM. If you select each one listed the right-hand window pane will show the jobs that are currently using that application set. Check and see if any of those jobs are one that is in use by the hosts listed.

Also if you select the Jobs container one of the columns in the default view will list the mount host for the job. Are either of these hosts listed in that column?

Regarding the output you listed, six of the devices listed are BCVs which your host may have mounted as part of a RM job.

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Re: Error 000167 and 000166 Replication Manager

Hi Simon,

After you follow what Aran says, also note that RM will have a what we call, a Long Duration Lock on those 6 BCVs.

(Symm SID 82 - DEVs 412, 5BE, 5C0, 5CA, 5CE, 5D2)

That is of course, if all those 6 BCVs were used by RM and not something else.

So, if you want to use those BCVs for something other than RM, you will need to exclude those BCVS from RM use.

This will lift the LDL Lock (aka Lock 9) for you.

You do this in the RM console under Storage, Symm XXX82, right-click those BCVS and hit remove.

This needs to be done once you have completed the steps Aran has noted.

Let us know how it goes.



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Re: Error 000167 and 000166 Replication Manager

Dear all,

  Many thanks for all the helpful answers.

I can see the job in the Application Sets called AAAPRD.

The devices are listed in Storage and marked as Not In Use no In Use (by the expected host).

I would like to check that when I remove the devices from the storage in the Replication Manager, the actual BCVs won't be removed in some other way from the machine these are presented to, or dissolved in the Symmetrix.  Instead this will only remove the lock that RM has on the devices.  Is this a correct assumption?

Best regards,s.

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Re: Error 000167 and 000166 Replication Manager

Hi Simon

You are correct - but if the replica is still mounted, then the devices are ready to the host.

If you unmount the replica, the BCVs will go not ready to the host.

Once you delete the RM stuff for those BCVs, just ready the devices again using Solutions Enabler symdev ready command.


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