RecoverPoint Deployment Manager Issue

I am attempting to deploy a new vRPA cluster using the RecoverPoint deployment manager version 2.3 SP1. When I launch the application it does not provide an option to install a new cluster.

The RecoverPoint for VMs Installation And Deployment Guide states the following:

1. Launch the Deployment Manager and select Install RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines. Click Login.

2. In the RecoverPoint Deployment Manager Wizard screen, select the RecoverPoint Installer Wizzard.

However, when I launch the deployment manager this option is not available. The only option that is available is "Upgrade RecoverPoint For Virtual Machines".

I can find no information on this and I was wondering if anyone else in the user base has seen this issue.

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Re: RecoverPoint Deployment Manager Issue

This is not the supported/latest version of DM to use and in fact for RP4VMs 4.3 SP1 and later we now use a web-based Deployer and not the DM tool. Please refer to the relevant RP4VMs Installation and Deployment Guide on EMC Online Support.



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