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Setting up DD Boost for Applications - MSSQL for replication and recovery

Hi, I have been through the guide for the MSSQL Boost client (v 3.0 august 2016) and we have need to set up replication. The section in the guide seems woefully bare on the details of configuring replication, only pointing at using MTree based replication by utilizing the following article, which does not appear to exist in any form anymore:

The EMC Knowledgebasee Article number 182294, titled Configuration of DDBoost Users on Source and Destination Data Domain Replicators for MTree Replication, provides more information. The article is available on EMC Online Support.

The Guide goes on to say reference the Admin guide to configure the replication, supporting again to use DD Replicator to replicate the MTree hosting the DDBoost LSU.

Is there a practical reference guide for configuring this?

In the end I want to be able to have a non-replicated storage space for my non-prod backups and replicated storage for my Prod.

FYI, I am currently using an LSU for my primary backups off of NBU with extraordinary success, including Managed replication using NBU Optimized Replication. For that, all I had to do was define the local and remote LSUs in netbackup, make sure my DDs were using my segregated Replication network to move the data and then set up the SLPs to make it go.

I thought earlier versions of the DDBoost app agent for MSSQL included the ability to handle Managed file replication, and I have heard the Oracle Agent does, but it was left out of the most recent release.

If it is manual, what is the process to make the backups available in the remote site to agents there?

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