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Ask the Expert: XtremIO for SAP - Best Practices, Configuration and Q&As

Welcome to EMC Ask the Expert conversation: XtremIO for SAP. XtremIO is the fastest growing all-flash storage platform ever in the history of data storage industry. Its unique architecture delivers unprecedented performance, efficiency and agility to the most demanding workloads, SAP tops the list. We received a lot of feedback about using XtremIO for SAP. Have all your questions about XtremIO for SAP responded by our best and most experienced experts. Understand why XtremIO is the right solution to achieve Agility, Efficiency and Performance, on your SAP operations.

Meet Your Experts:

profile-image-display.jspa?imageID=5163&size=350Tony Shen
Advisory SAP solution Architect - EMC

Tony is an Advisory SAP solution architecture with more than 15 SAP basis experience in SAP Basis. Before he joined EMC, he was a senior SAP basis consulting with more than 20 SAP implementation and maintenance projects in china SAP consulting company. In the first 4 years when he joined EMC, he developed several EMC /SAP solutions including SAP system copy, SAP backup and Recovery, SAP TDMS integrated with EMC storage snapshot and so on. In the next 4 years, he transformed to SAP technical marketing team. He helped EMC APJ field team to win more than 20M SAP deals in china. This year, he published XtremIO for SAP customer presentation, whitepaper, and video in EMC website.


Andrew Chen

Senior SAP Solutions Architect - EMC

Andrew is a proven technical innovator with multi-disciplinary skills and a background in enterprise application solutions in global roles. 8 years'​ SAP technical experience, including SAP Basis, SAP HANA, SAP end-to-end Performance optimization, SAP system upgrade. 5+ years'​ SAP Infrastructure solution design and implementation experience, including EMC Enterprise Hybird Cloud for SAP, EMC VSPEX for SAP covering application provisioning and mobility, backup and recovery, high availability, disaster recovery. 3 years' onsite customer experience, including major SAP customers in Europe and Asia.

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Re: Ask the Expert: XtremIO for SAP - Best Practices, Configuration and Q&As

This Ask the Expert session is now open for questions. For the next couple of weeks our Subject Matter Experts will be around to reply to your questions, comments or inquiries about our topic. Let’s make this conversation useful, respectful and entertaining for all. Enjoy!

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Re: Ask the Expert: XtremIO for SAP - Best Practices, Configuration and Q&As

I am hearing that with XtremIO provides some expected performance gains that can have tremendous positive business impact, but more from a consolidation and ease of use perspective. What do you guys see in terms of consolidating several SAP landscapes onto XtremIO. What are the real benefits for customers?

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Re: Ask the Expert: XtremIO for SAP - Best Practices, Configuration and Q&As


I have always figured the no performance loss snaps combined with XtremIO compression and dedupe should be perfect for  the SAP test landscape especially those sourced from SAP production.  For functional and parallel testing this duplication of SAP config, master, and transaction historical data is needed by the business to validate prior to going live.   Traditionally clones were used or simple SAP client copies from production to these test systems. 

Traditional snaps always raised the issue of the performance impact of the snaps on the base SAP application especially for production.  With XtremIO snaps have no impact and all or most of that duplicated data is removed and much more compressed.  SAP customers have 2-5 production copies of data for test systems not including raid copies which are often raid 10 in production.  All this duplication is mostly removed on XtremIO. What a huge savings in storage costs with performance improving with flash on top.

For SAP HANA, we hope to prove out savings with improved HANA HA with 50% storage savings with XtremIO plus quantify out the business value of faster HANA restarts in prod and test systems.  It is an exciting time to see the possibilities. 

XtremIO has some exciting use cases.  Looking forward to reporting on even more SAP customer referrals along more expert comments.  Stay tuned. 

Re: Re: Ask the Expert: XtremIO for SAP - Best Practices, Configuration and Q&As


Thanks for your question. we all know if customers  move their SAP system data from traditional storage platform to all flash storage platform (XtremIO) the performance will improve much , i can give you an example, we have a customer who have transform their SAP systems data from traditional storage to XtremIO. the customer got more than 2* performance increase

75% reduction in ETL time(Extraction time), 66% reduction in long running batch jobs (3 days to 1day), 60% reduction in database scan times, 55% reduction in SAP BW reporting run times , 50% reduction in DB times within BW interaction process.

XtremIO provides confidence and assurance to consolidate  SAP physical and virtual landscapes to a scale-out AFA without performance degradation resulting in many SAP application workloads to be run on the same platform (OLTP, DW, Test & DEV )

XtremIO’s real-time Data Services which incorporate “always running” thin provisioning, deduplication, inline compression, data protection, data-at-rest encryption, and writable snapshots bring huge impact on the consolidation of SAP environments resulting in significant savings due to reduced storage space consumption, optimum agility, improved availability, and security with every SAP application and for each user, during both peak and normal times.

with XtremIO for SAP ,we can help customers

  •   Simplified system landscape
  •   Fast Development cycle
  •   Cost Saving
  • Provide innovation path &support the business


Regarding simplified system landscape, for traditional SAP customers they always have 3 -layer for one SAP system (DEV/QAS/PRD), with the business development, the customer would have new business requirement, they need run several projects to change their systems for business requirement, in order to not impact the original systems , they need set up new DEV and QAS systems for new projects(5 systems landscape) Now the customer can make full use of XtremIO snapshot functionality to build up new DEV and QAS systems based on the original DEV/QAS system without performance degradation and no additional storage footprint requirement. After the project finished , you could build up another new DEV/QAS system for new project or you could delete the snapshot at any time without impact the original systems. So  it's easy and simple for customer to manage their system landscape.

Regarding the fast development cycle,  you are probably used to development systems and QA system  that in many cases are not the latest data from production system, sometimes the test result would not be correct ,now the customer can use XtremIO Snapshot to fast build up  new  QAS, TEST systems based on PRD data without performance impact and no additional storage requirement which would lead to accelerate the development cycle.

Regarding the cost saving, XtremIO’s real-time Data Services which incorporate “always running” thin provisioning, deduplication, inline compression leads to  a lot of storage footprint saving, meanwhile, XtremIO configuration is so simple which would help customer to save a lot of human effort. In EMC customer testing, we have achieved 40% percent TCO reduction, with the following

  • 80% reduction in space consumed by copies
  • 50% consolidation for virtual server VCPUs
  • 7 *production snapshots maintained on a live system (with massively reduced RTO)

Regarding provide innovation path and support business, business users always want information fast, new business initiatives typically come to SAP application teams with aggressive deadlines, the business nearly always wants changes deployment faster in production than development teams can reasonably do it .  XtremIO snapshot can help customers to build up new systems with production data for faster code development , break-fix responses, and SAP Enhanced pages testing. You can get more independent, production-like snapshots to initiate new projects at extremely low cost. XtremIO also support SAP HANA TDI so you can consolidate SAP HANA and EMC XtremIO to innovate more at the speed of business than was previously possible.

Hoped I could answer your question. Thanks!

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Re: Ask the Expert: XtremIO for SAP - Best Practices, Configuration and Q&As

This Ask the Expert event has officially ended, but don't let that retract you from asking more questions. At this point our SME are still welcomed to answer and continue the discussion though not required. Here is where we ask our community members to chime in and assist other users if they're able to provide information.

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