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How to complete an initial SAP capacity sizing.

Did you know that the EMC Solution Design Center (SDC) can assist with an initial SAP capacity sizing? Whether this is a new implementation or adding new functionality to an existing SAP landscape the SDC can provide an initial capacity. It is highly recommended you use this free service when sizing your SAP environment and then compliment the sizing by completing SAP Quicksizer or engaging EMC Professional Services. EMC personnel should open a case in SalesForce.com (SFDC) by selecting "Application Sizing" to engage the SDC. Alternatively, EMC personnel can send an email to sdcsfdc@emc.com which will create a case within SFDC automatically. For partners and customers looking to take advantage of this service please contact your EMC account team or local EMC Sales Office.

Be sure to complete the attached site survey before creating a case.

If you have any further questions regarding this service you can also reply to this post.