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Unable to register SIO 1.32 web client plugin

i have a test lab setup. i am using a windows 2012 vm as a DC for active dir and DNS.  i have a vmware VCSA VM for vcenter.  both can ping and access each other fine. however, when i am using powercli and the script "ScaleIOPluginSetup-1.32-402.1.ps1" i am getting the following issue:

PowerCLI C:\sio\plugin> .\ScaleIOPluginSetup-1.32-402.1.ps1

cmdlet ScaleIOPluginSetup-1.32-402.1.ps1 at command pipeline position 1

Supply values for the following parameters:

(Type !? for Help.)

vCenter: !?

vCenter address


Username: !?

vCenter username

Username: administrator@vsphere.local

Password: ********

Choose mode:

1 - Register ScaleIO plug-in

2 - Unregister ScaleIO plug-in

3 - Create SVM template

4 - Exit the script

: !?

No help is available for  .

: 1

Welcome to ScaleIO Plugin Register Utility

Important notice to users upgrading to ScaleIO release 1.32:

1. ESXi 5.1 is no longer supported. ESXi 5.5 and above are supported.

2. Running SDC within an SVM is no longer supported. SDC must be installed in th

e ESXi host.

If your configuration isn't supported, DO NOT UPGRADE.

Contact Support for additional info and further assistance.

Do you wish to continue? Y / N: y

Do you want to run the Standard or Advanced registration? [s|a]: s

Waiting for internal server to load (attempt 1)...

Waiting for internal server to load (attempt 2)...

Waiting for internal server to load (attempt 3)...

Waiting for internal server to load (attempt 4)...

Waiting for internal server to load (attempt 5)...

WARNING: Failed retrieving thumbprint from the server


Enter the https server's thumbprint:

i am confused as to why it is asking for thumbprint of the windows host i am running powercli from??  when i first setup scaleIO on vmware workstation on totally different environment i never had this issue. I am completely stumped here why it is even asking this and what i would supply it from a windows host. my .212 IP is my windows host where i'm running this powercli script.

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Re: Unable to register SIO 1.32 web client plugin

This is an old version, could you try using 1.32.4 / 2.0?

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