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SCG and Powerstore

Hi all,

We seem to be having issues with the SCG 5.0.10 install and Powerstore arrays. When connecting the Powerstores to the SCG from the Powerstore manager, it completes successfully and shows as connected.

However, from the SGC UI, it does not show these devices as connected, and are not sending information through into CloudIQ. Are there additional steps or troubleshooting required for this? Are there known issues connecting Powerstore arrays to the SCG?

Lastly, why has DELL decided to clearly develop this new product in the EMC dev team? It oozes of legacy EMC and does not reflect a common UI compared to the other tools like OME, cloudIQ, etc. There needs to be more consistency here, and clearer integration documentation.



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Hi, I'm not a Powerstore expert but first thing it came to my mind might be related to ports. Could you check pg 56 Connect Directly SupportAssist implementation if it is related. It has mentioned "Network traffic (HTTPS) must be permitted on ports 443 and 8443 (outbound) to Dell EMC Support" Not sure if there is a known issue with this. I don't want to mislead you about this. I don't come across it while researching. There have been some issues with Powerstore connecting to their gateways somehow I would recommend a support request to have the team investigate. 




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Hello Erman,

Appreciate the reply. Unfortunately we have these ports open already, and the SCG is working fine for an Isilon we also have. I will raise a support case though as you suggested. I might also try some other devices like iDRAC's, etc.



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