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inplace upgrade fails scg to

running the upgrade on the appliance, downloads the update fine and then fails while applying no additional information given, tried rebooting etc. no joy

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please try to uninstall and do a fresh install of the new version.



Did you have any other questions?


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uninstall what?? there is nothing to install, or are you telling me to dump my existing SCG appliance and start all over.....  this is a patch for an existing SCG. i am seeing others in these boards with similar or same issues. i will open another SR, i have so many SRs open with Dell for various issues already with other products.


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In my case , a reboot didn't seem to have made any difference.

I have 2 Secure Connect Gateways - 1 was rebooted, the other was not.


Good news at least in my case, is that both successfully updated.  I think the problem many have (as I did initially) is that we are all hitting the servers at once.  Patience and retry is all that was really needed.  YMMV

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I've just updated SCG form -> but:

1. First download failed.

2. after SCG restart, update has been downloaded and I started update which finished with failed status.

3. I restarted SCG and on web interface I see SCG with version but on cli in /etc/esrs-release file is version


Any idea?

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