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ESRS - How to Reset ESRS?


My manager asked me to reset ESRS.  I am like ???  Never heard language like this before.  Can ESRS be reset?  What could he mean by reset ESRS?  Reboot the entire node?  Is there a way to reset ESRS on each Isilon node that it was running on?  Is there a way to reset ESRS on the ESRS server?  let me know.

Thank you,

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Pedro Caribe
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Re: ESRS - How to Reset ESRS?

Hi Chris,

Your ESRS is probably centralized, not integrated. That would mean that it runs in a VM SUSELinux based.

If that's the case, then yes, ESRS can be reset/rebooted.

Could you provide the SN for one of your nodes so I can check the IP address of your ESRS?


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