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Need of CLARiiON Management Workstation (CMW)


I need to know the real need of CLARiiON Management Workstation (CMW) when using flare 30 or newer.
Once the Clariion procedure generator informs that Connectemc installed at CLARiiON Management Workstation (CMW) is required for Dial-out, we suppose the CLARiiON Management Workstation (CMW) is really need, or the dial out won't work.

- is really need the CLARiiON Management Workstation (CMW) once we have the EMC Secure Remote Support IP server ?

- what features customer may loose choosing not use CLARiiON Management Workstation (CMW)  ?




This is a discussion we've been having since the ESRS Gateway was released in early 2006.  You have to have a CMW if you have a Centralized CLARiiON environment either before FLARE 30 or after.  You have to have a CMW if you are going to install ESRS IP Solution for CLARiiON.  Other than that, a CMW is optional but is recommended by EMC.

Having a CMW allows you to take advantage of ConnectEMC for sending alerts to EMC.  Specifically, ConnectEMC provides for "a consistent remote notification service that makes use of all supported protocols and manages the connection, encryption, and file transfer for all events. Specifically, ConnectEMC envelopes the event notification files with encoding, compression, and encryption".

Without ConnectEMC, you are also unable to take advantage of Automated Configuration and Capture Utility (ACU) and Reactive SPCollect (RSC) which require a CMW to run.  Another disadvantage of not using a CMW is if the array breaks, the monitoring software breaks as well because it resides directly on the array and no alert will be sent to EMC.

Another argument that is often used in favor of a CMW is in a Gateway HA or Cluster environment, the EMC E-Mail tab in the Call Home Template only has one field for SMTP server.  If you point the template to a Gateway server and it goes offline, your Connect Homes cease.  However, with a CMW, point the template to ConnectEMC and it can send the alerts to multiple destinations as well as use email, FTP and HTTPS.  Without the CMW, you have a SPOF with the Gateway.  With CMW, you have a SPOF with the CMW.

To get around this SPOF with the Gateway, you can point the template to the customer's SMTP server.  The argument is "the customer will make sure their SMTP server is always up".

Against our advice, there are a lot of customers using Distributed environments in an HA or Cluster environment and pointing the template to a single Gateway.

The ESRS Client for VNX has replaced the ESRS Client for CLARiiON.

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