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esrs v3 cluster


   I am looking for esrs cluster assistance. I have below questions..

      1:- How to create esrs v3 cluster? (Do i need to call emc team and raise SR for creating cluster or Do i have to configure in esrs v3 virtual appliance)

      2:- I have one instance of esrs v3(virtual appliance) in CDT timezone and one instance of esrs v3(virtual appliance) in PDT timezone, i want to make the cluster of esrs of these two instances,  is this good way mixing like this?

    3:- In extension to 2 question, can i deploy the policy manager in either of the location or i have to deploy policy manager in each site ?

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Re: esrs v3 cluster

- answer1

Referring to ESRS VE 3.28 operation guide, it says,

"Configuring ESRS Virtual Edition High Availability Clusters must be done by EMC Global Services."

- answer 2

you can mix 2 timezones in one cluster instance

-answer 3

policy manager can manage multiple ESRSVE instance

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