Creators update(1703)

We are running into an issue where we have ~500 remote users and we are needing to update.

We have the k1000 management system and are wondering if there is a way we can use the updates on the users computers instead of having to push a 4gb+ file to all those users.

Locally the wsprobe -z has worked fine, but we haven't found a way to be able to push that as well as run the update for 1703.

Any help/guidance will be greatly appreciated.


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RE: Creators update(1703)

Hey There,

Windows 10 version updates have a lot of moving parts that would probably be best to discuss with our dedicated Dell Data Security technicians.  The link below will help you find direct contact information for our dedicated support queue based on your region.


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Stephen O

Senior Principal Engineer, Support & Delivery Services

Dell Data Security

Need Immediate help? Please call DDS Support @ +1.877.459.7304 Ext. 4310039

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