DDP|E Notifications not going away

We have a couple of users who are using DDS Enterprise that are reporting an issue where the below pop up is persisting for the entire time they are logged on to their laptops, and this has been ongoing for months now.

Is there any way to disable these pop ups or any other fixes?


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RE: DDP|E Notifications not going away

Hello there danananna!

Thanks for contacting us through our forums.  The issue you're seeing should be resolved in our 8.15 product release (8.16 was just recently released which also has this fix).  The below link will take you to our 8.15 tech advisories so you can see all fixes included with our 8.15 release.  

An issue is resolved that resulted in pop-up messages persisting rather than closing. [DDPC-3604]


This link will take you to the downloads page for the 8.16 release.  If the downloads do not automatically appear ensure your Category is set to Dell Data Security.


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Best Regards,

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