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Welcome to PowerEdge Server Education Discussion board

Greetings, I’m glad you found us on the Dell Technologies Education Services Community Site! My name is Emmet and I’m an instructor specializing in the PowerEdge Product range. Which include PowerEdge Rack, Tower, XE, XR and Modular systems.  I enjoy helping customers, partners, and internals, realize the potential of our products, services, and solutions.

I started in Dell Technologies about 22 years in a technical support role before moving to Education Services about 10 years ago and my current role within Education Services is Delivery Global Lead Instructor for the PowerEdge product range of Courses. When I’m not delivering trainings, I enjoy socializing with family and friends. I like good restaurants and plenty of sport. Both watching and playing, although the latter has become less frequent over the years I still try to get out as much as I can onto the lush greens of the local golf course.

I welcome you all to join me in sharing Dell Technologies Data PowerEdge related knowledge.

If you have a technical question pertaining to PowerEdge Education, please let me know.

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Emmett, where are you located? In this Central Texas heat/drought, I am jealous of "lush greens of the local golf courses"!! 

I look forward to digging into the content here on PowerEdge Server. I know there will be a great deal for me to learn....which means I'll likely ask a good many questions.


Hey Tim

I'm living in a small county called Cavan in Ireland, where we get plenty of wet conditions to keep those green's lush unfortunately at this time of the year with the short evenings and the winter conditions my golf game doesn't get the attention it requires/needs

looking forward to any questions you or any other members might post !

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Thank you Emmet

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