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Cables getting deleted from IP/APM Options


I am facing a peculiar problem in IP/APM V7.0.3.19.
I am discovering devices and it is working fine.
However I am creating the cables using the makeNetworkDeviceConnection
function of ICIM_ObjectFactory class. The cable has been created with
the TrunkCable class.

Once I initiate the discovery from the seedfile using the sm_tpmgr
command, I am finding the TrunkCables getting deleted. On further
analysis, I found that the post discovery process (no custom post
discovery process in place) is actually deleting the cables.

Is there any way to resolve this problem?

With Warm Regards,

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Re: Cables getting deleted from IP/APM Options

Hi Gopal,

question : what don't you use :


for this ?


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