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Dynamic model - instrumentation error: SNMP-E-EXP_NOSUCHINSTANCE-No such instance

Hi all,

NOTE: I've gone through the provided documentation and many useful posts/discussions on this forum.

NOTE: Using IP_9.2

Goal: create model + instrumentation class to poll for status of the device.

Let's say there is a host device with a custom component (it's a service for which MIB provides stats) for which I want SMARTS to poll for its (component's) current status on each polling cycle.

What I've done so far:

1) model code + instrumentation code

interface NN_Component : ProtocolService                                             


    propagate attribute int ServerPortStatus

     "(1) UP  (2) DOWN  (3) DEGRADED  (4) UNKNOWN " 

    <= NN_Component_Performance, InstrumentedBy, NN_ServerPortStatus;


interface NN_Component_Performance : ICIM_Instrumentation


    instrument SNMP {

        ServerPortStatus = "*.*.23"



    //instrumented attribute to get current state of this server:port

    readonly instrumented attribute int NN_ServerPortStatus;


    event IsUp

    "if SNMP poll returns value of 1"

    = NN_ServerPortStatus == 1;


    export IsUp;


this compiles fine, no errors.

2) create instrumentation: after discovery of the host and containment, I'm creating instrumentation for these "Components"

    agentObj = sysObj->getSNMPAgent() ? LOG,IGNORE;

    poller = object(getInstances("SNMP_AccessorInterface")[0]) ? LOG,IGNORE;

    instObj = create("SNMP_Credentials", "env-setting-credential-".string(thread())) ? LOG,IGNORE;

    instObj->init() ? LOG,IGNORE;


    systObj = object("NN_Component", "SVC-hostname/ip:port") ? LOG,IGNORE;

    instrObj = systObj->makeInstrumentation("NN_Component_Performance") ? LOG,IGNORE;


    icimManager = object(getInstances("ICIM_Manager")[0])? LOG,IGNORE;






                        instObj) ? LOG,IGNORE;

    interval = 20;

    timeout = 700;

    retries = 5;

    poller->polling_parameters += list(instrObj->Name, interval, interval, timeout, retries, -1 ) ? LOG,IGNORE;

this creates "InstrumentedBy" relationship. At this point I can see the greyed out attribute and custom event in Console GUI.

NOTE: I've subscribed to the event in conf file:



  subscriptions = {


                { "NN_Component_Performance", ".*", "IsUp", 77825 }



3) SNMP poller logs shows this error code.

Instance Name:  I-NN_Component_Performance-SVC-hostname/ip:port

  Attribute Name: NN_ServerPortStatus

  Polling Period: 20

  Last polled At: May 10, 2014 11:35:07 AM EDT

  Cached Value:

  Last Error:     SNMP-E-EXP_NOSUCHINSTANCE-No such instance

  Unconstrained Polling Period: 20

  Able To Poll:   TRUE

And that is where I'm stuck, as I don't know what is causing this. I'd appreciate any help.


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Re: Dynamic model - instrumentation error: SNMP-E-EXP_NOSUCHINSTANCE-No such instance

ah, it was just incorrect oid that was causing this.

figured it out after running act-snmp->get for this oid and it returned the same error.

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Re: Dynamic model - instrumentation error: SNMP-E-EXP_NOSUCHINSTANCE-No such instance

Hi mboparai,

Thanks for the update.

Please let me know if have any additional questions.

Kind Regards,

Paul O'Rourke

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