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Flow monitoring in EMC Smarts?

Does EMC Smarts IP Infrastructure tool support flow monitoring?

Flow Monitoring:  Flow monitoring aggregates network traffic based on individual connections, users, protocols, or applications. This

allows flow monitoring tools to provide a bigger picture view of a network including specific information on application and connection performance as well as insight into routing and even network security. This view of the network performance aids in network planning as well as traffic engineering because of the traffic trends flow monitoring is able to identify.

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Re: Flow monitoring in EMC Smarts?

Hey Niraj,

As far as my knowledge, SMARTS IP domain managers will not capture flow traffic.

However, we have a solution pack within Watch4Net to capture these packets.

We need flow protocol to be enabled on the network devices and route this traffic to W4N collectors.

For more information, you can contact me at raghavendra.rathnamachary@emc.com user id.

I can walk you through with a demo...

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