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How to remove decommissioned servers from Watch4Net?

Hello, I hope all is well. In our environment we are running Watch4Net 6.2 RU4 that is feed server data/records from EMC SMARTS.  When we decommission a server and remove the server from SMARTS the record ends up remaining in Watch4Net.  What options do we have to fix that?

Is there a process to manually remove "server type" records from Watch4Net?  Is it via one of the GUI interfaces or possibly a database query that has to be built and executed manually?

If anyone would happen to know a PDF that explains this process I would greatly appreciate it, thanks! 

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Re: How to remove decommissioned servers from Watch4Net?

Hi Stuhut,

Please see KB articles below, I believe these will help you resolve this issue:

Watch4net APG: How do I delete a Smarts device from APG?; Removed Smarts device from APG Management Database Metrics but the device still remains

Watch4Net: Duplicate Smarts domain device shows up in APG report, causing incorrect metric and utilization reporting data

Kind Regards,

Paul O'Rourke

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