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Regarding Errors in Trap Adapter Log file

Hi All,

While starting the Trap Adapter, I'm getting the following error in the log files.

Trap Config File: /local/smarts/InCharge8/SAM/smarts/local/conf/icoi/trap_mgr.conf
[29-Mar-2011 03:35:27 PM+393ms CEST] t@1095911744 Trap-Driver-00
ASL-W-ERROR_RULE_SOURCE-While executing rule set
ASL-ERROR_ACTION-While executing action at:
ASL-CALL_STACK_RULE-   RuleName: __INIT__, Line: 180
ASL-ERROR_INIT_ACTION-While executing initialization actions
ASL-ERROR_UNDEFINED_VARIABLE_ACCESS-Variable 'normalized_displayname' has not
    been assigned a value

Any Ideas on this error. Appreciate your help on this.



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Re: Regarding Errors in Trap Adapter Log file

That is a very strange problem indeed.  The normalized_displayname is set in rules/icoi-trapd/trap_mgr_parse.asl to "Trap Processor" as a global variable *before* it calls rules/icoi-trapd/trap_mgr_conf.asl.  I think you may have made customizations to the former that caused problems in the latter.

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