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clear Hosts and add IPs to monitored using ICMP only


I have a set of ESXi Hosts having snmp enabled and discovered in AM-PM and ESM. All those Hosts are now monitoring using SNMP only. I wanted to clear/delete all of them from both AM-PM and ESM, and rediscover with choosing ICMP only.

Is there a way to clear all these instances in an automated way?

Finally, to add and rediscover I think to use the seed file as below. Is there anything more to add into the seedfile to discover those IPs and monitor with ICMP only?


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Re: clear Hosts and add IPs to monitored using ICMP only

Hi vtrack,

Please find KB article below which explains how to mass delete devices using dmctl or an asl script:


Additionally, each seed entry in a seed file must begin with a valid hostname or IP address. You can then specify the option fields. In your case the seedfile will look like:     ACCESSMODE=ICMPONLY     ACCESSMODE=ICMPONLY     ACCESSMODE=ICMPONLY

Kind Regards,

Paul O'Rourke

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